Robot Integration


We have solutions for feeding multiple machines CubeBOX Robotic Automation Systems.You can watch our feeding multiple machines application video for a customer in the metal industry sector ;

If the machines are lineer installed than we use “Slider Systems” Our customer, who is manufacturing for many automotive companies in Europe, feeds 3 Brother Speedio MX series 5-axis machining centers for a special part with Tezmaksan's Cubebox Blues Dr Max model with 6m slider . In this way, the processing time of the part processed in 2 operations on 3 separate machines has been reduced from 12 minutes to 7 minutes, and thanks to the large-capacity Cubebox Dr Max unit, unmanned production has been provided in a 7-hour shift.

You can see the detail project pictures of "Slider Systems"

Why Us?

  • Reduces labor costs,
  • Replaces employees working in dangerous and risky
  • Ensures a more flexible production system,
  • Ensures a quality control process with greater con
  • Allows meeting the skilled labor shortage,
  • Capable of working nonstop through three shifts,
  • Capable of lifting heavier loads compared to a hum
  • Capable of achieving results quicker than a human,
  • Competence in tedious and repetitive jobs,
  • Capable of operating in hazardous environments,
  • Eliminates human errors,
  • Minimizes quality control errors,
  • Ensures increased output,
  • Pays for itself in short time,
  • Excellent maneuverability,
  • High profit yield.