Lazer Kesim

Our Competencies

1.) Welding


Metrica Metal Co, is fully equipped with today's latest technology and techniques to meet our customer's specifications. We use Miller Brand Welding Machines in our facility..

  • » MAG Welding; from 1 mm upto 10 mm on Cold Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel Parts,
  • » MIG Welding; from 1 mm upto 10 mm on Aluminium parts,
  • » TIG Welding; from 1 mm upto 6 mm Cold Rolled Steel (DKP) , Stainless Steel and Aluminium Steel parts.

2.) Bending

Akbant Büküm
  • » We offer you solutions in complex bending with our variety tools,
  • » Bending Capacity: up to 3 meter length, 6mm thickness.

3.) Laser Cutting

  • » Fast cutting, low costs in production.,
  • » Cast-free production in low volume jobs,
  • » Eliminating casting costs,
  • » Cost reduction with minimum rate of waste,
  • » Production using sheet materials is more economical than machining,
  • » High precision (0.01 mm between axes) thanks to the stable structure of the machine as well as modern operation and measurement technique,
  • » Laser is a multi-functional separator with a narrow cutting range,
  • » Enables complex laser cuts from simple and inner-outer contours on both thin and thick sheets,
  • » Allows making holes up to 0.4 x sheet metal thickness,
  • » Scratch-free products manufactured through contact-free machining,
  • » Manufacturing ready-to-install products,
  • » Marking and writing on metal sheet.
Machine Cutting Capacity 3000 x 1500 mm
Laser Cutting Size :
Material Maksimum Cutting Range
Hot and Cold Steel(DKP-HRP) 0,5 – 25 mm
Stainless Steel 0,5 – 15 mm
Galvanized 1 – 8 mm
Aluminium 0,5 – 8 mm
Brass 3 mm

4.) Disinfection Tunnel

Disinfection Tunnel

Human Disinfection Systems

Human Disinfection Systems have been developed with the aim to maintain a hygienic environment by installing them at the entrances of buildings such as Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Factories, Stores etc., where close contact between many people may occur frequently, making the practice of social distancing harder while accelerating the spread of Covid-19 (also known as Coronavirus) and other harmful microorganisms.

Since any area where external contact occurs/may occur poses the risk of virus transmission, it is crucial that people's outerwear are disinfected, just like hand cleaning.

Thus, our system operates by disinfecting the entire visible area of any person passing through our booth through the method of pulverizing/fogging the disinfectant liquid. Special hygienic mat applications are also available for shoe disinfection.

Importance of Human Disinfection Systems

Studies show that Covid-19 is capable of surviving over 48 hours on external surfaces such as fabric, plastic, and paper/cardboard. The studies also indicate that the virus can survive for 48 hours or more on door handles, plastic-coated or laminated countertops and other similar hard surfaces where human contact is highly frequent.

Who can go without touching any fabric, plastic, paper/cardboard or doorknobs?

And is it just our hands that come into contact with such surfaces?

Will hand disinfection alone prove enough?

This is the exact point of origin of the Human Disinfection Systems.

Studies show that the coronavirus can be inactivated within a minute by disinfecting surfaces with human disinfection systems using bleach containing 62 to 71 percent alcohol or 0.5 percent hydrogen peroxide bleach or 0.1 percent sodium hypochlorite.

Operating Human Disinfection System / Booth

The booth operates independently of the solution and disinfectant to be used. The system can operate on any water-based liquid. Depending on the preferred disinfectant agent, individuals may be required to wear a face mask.

A motion sensor installed inside the booth detects when a person enters, and the preferred disinfectant substance is pulverized (fogging) for an adjustable period of 2 to 15 seconds.

Pulverization is the process of granulation of the relevant liquid through 8 or more nozzles with adjustable spraying width placed in the booth by means of a high pressure pump in a way that does not produce a sense of wetness. The disinfectant liquid sprayed from 0.5mm diameter nozzles penetrates the microorganisms on the outerwear of the person inside the cabin, rendering them ineffective and harmless.

Usage Areas of Human Disinfection Systems

Human Disinfection Systems can be designed and produced to meet all kinds of needs.

For this reason, they are recommended to be used at the front-entrance of a building. They have an incredibly extensive usage area such as Shopping Malls, Stores, Entertainment Complexes, Cafés and Restaurants, Hospitals and Polyclinics, Lounges, Civil and Administrative Buildings (Courthouse, Governorate, District Governorate, etc.), Factories and Workshops, Sports Complexes, ticket reading zones at the entrances of Underground Railways and Bus Stops, and even house and apartment entrances.