Published On: 29.11.2022


Emir Aşarı, who has been competing in the Nürburgring Endurance Championship for three years with the main sponsorship of Tezmaksan. He received the trophy of the championship he achieved in the SP3T classification. Attending the special night where the trophy was presented, Aşarı came with his friend Andrew Engelmann from Max Kruse Racing team, Aşarı repeated his goal of the championship in the new season.Emir Aşarı, the champion of the Nürburgring Endurance Championship, one of the most contested races of motor sports, won his trophy at a special night. After that happy ending in the championship, in which he competed in the SP3T classification under the main sponsorship of Tezmaksan for three years, Aşarı attended the night with his friend Andrew Engelmann from the Max Kruse Racing team.

Special thanks to Tezmaksan from Emir Aşarı...

Making a statement after receiving the championship trophy, Emir Aşarı said: “We left behind a very challenging season of eight races. There is an incredible teamwork behind this championship we have achieved. From the first race, our goal was to complete the season as champion. To achieve this, we competed to be the leader by doing our best in every race, fighting opponents and, perhaps most importantly, not caring that technical glitches got in our way. The championship became inevitable for us when the sense of bonding within the team was at the highest level. In addition to my team and my teammates, I would like to express my endless thanks to my main sponsor Tezmaksan family, who has never stopped supporting me for three years. Their support for motor sports should set an example for every company in the industry. I believe that the support given to motor sports in Turkey will continue to increase in the coming years. In order to fully deserve this support, I will do my best in all races and reach a happy ending with my team in order to become the champion next season," he said.