Published On: 15.09.2022


In the Nürnburging Endurance Championship held in Germany for three years.Emir Aşarı and his team Max Kruse Racing with the support of Tezmaksan Competing placed in the second tier on the podium in the second race of the season. Emir Aşarı who is is an experienced name in one of the respected and exciting series of motor sports ‘Nürburgring Endurance Championship’, showed up in the second race of the season with the main sponsorship of Tezmaksan which is the leading brand of the Turkish machining industry. Emir Aşarı and his VW Golf TCR model racing car was the second to see the checkered flag with Andrew Engelmann and Benny Leuchter from Max Kruse Racing Team

Aşarı's New Target Is Success In 24 Hour Race

About their success as a team after the race making a statement, Emir Aşarı said: ‘‘We started well in the Championship as a team. We got a successful result in the second race as well and We are happy to be second on the podium. It was a very challenging 4-hour course for us. We got through a major accident at the moment of refueling during the pit stop. As a result, we lost about 30 seconds. But with the right strategies and most importantly with determination We managed to finish second. After that, we will prepare intensively for the race which is one of the critical junctures for us in Nordschleife, named 24 hour race, as a team. We want to race with good points and continue the championship in the leading position for the future races. At this point, our team’s belief in success and Tezmaksan’s sponsorship support for more than 3 years add value to our strength. That’s why I thank them.’’ Third race of the season at the Nürburgring Endurance Championship was held in mid-May.